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AmeriCorps Member File Forms


2018-19-AmeriCorps Member Service Agreement
Childcare Coverage
End of Term Evaluation
Form W-4
I-9 Form
Health Insurance Waiver
Loan Forbearance Form
Mid Term Evaluation
Parental Consent
Previous Term of Service Check
2018-19 Member File Checklist
FBI Fingerprint Background Check Consent with Fieldprint
Member Enrollment Form
Member Exit Checklist
Member Orientation Checklist
National Service Trust Exit Form
Nebraska State Patrol Background Check Consent
Position Description Template
Creating Inclusive AmeriCorps Position Descriptions
Sample Interviewing Questions 1
Sample Interviewing Questions 2
Sample Interviewing Questions 3
ServeNebraska Initiation Form

Program Start-up Documents


2018-2019 AmeriCorps Program Description Form
2018-2019 AmeriCorps Program Information
2018-2019 AmeriCorps Program Contact Information
2018-2019 AmeriCorps Program Host Site Application & Agreement Status
Position Descriptions for Staff
Template Position Description for Members
Board of Directors Roster
Staff Chart for Finance Department of Lead Agency
Liability Insurance
Logo Image files for Lead Agency & Host Sites
Online Branding with Link
Member Orientation Checklist
Member Training Outline
2018-2019 AmeriCorps Program Start-Up Document Checklist
2018-2019 Memorandum of Understanding with Host Site Template

About ServeNebraska PDF Document

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ServeNebraska InterCorps Council Application PDF Document

Nebraska AmeriCorps Programs

National Service History & Structure PDF Document

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CNCS Mission, Principles & Management
National Service Timeline
AmeriCorps VISTA & Senior Corps in Nebraska
National Service in Nebraska Summary
AmeriCorps NCCC
eGrants Login
My AmeriCorps FAQ PDF Document
Online System Operating Status

Rules, Regulations & Provisions

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AmeriCorps Regulations & Provisions
Searchable Consolidated CNCS Rules, Regulations, Provisions, & FAQs PDF Document
Prohibited Activities PDF Document
CNCS General Counsel Guidance & FAQ on Political Activity PDF Document

Monitoring & Reporting PDF Document

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Reporting Deadlines PDF Document
ServeNebraska Monitoring Process

Financial Management PDF Document

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Financial Management Info – Program Leaders Meeting 02-21-14 PDF Document
Glossary of CNCS Financial & Grants Management Terms & Definitions PDF Document
Knowledge Network: Financial Management Resources
Effective Budget Preparation PDF Document
Sound Principles of Financial Management PDF Document
Required Written Policies & Procedures PDF Document
Cost Allocations Plans Fact Sheet PDF Document
Record Keeping & Documentation PDF Document
Match Guidelines for AmeriCorps Periodic Expense Reports PDF Document
Distribution of AmeriCorps Living Allowance FAQ PDF Document

Program Management PDF Document

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National Service Knowledge Network
Learning Pathways for Program Start-Up
Accessibility Guidelines PDF Document

Member Management PDF Document

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My AmeriCorps Tutorials
Term of Service & Education Award Limitations
Criminal History Background Check Requirements & Resources
Criminal History Check Ė Nebraska State Patrol PDF Document
Sample Background Check Permission Form PDF Document
Educational Award Handbook
AmeriCorps Member Child Care Benefit
CNCS: Member Health Care Options
CNCS Member Health Insurance FAQ PDF Document
Next Steps: Life After AmeriCorps

Host/Service Site Management PDF Document

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Host Site Application PDF Document
Host Site Agreement PDF Document

Training & Technical Assistance PDF Document

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National Service Knowledge Network


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Sharing Your Story: A Guide to Working with the Media PDF Document
CNCS National Service Publications
National Service Catalog NOTE: Other vendors may be used
2018 Quick Guide to Branding
ServeNebraska AmeriCorps Branding Policy
2017 AmeriCorps Branding Guidance
2018 AmeriCorps Grantee Communications Toolkit
AmeriCorps Serving Here Sign (with printerís marks)
AmeriCorps Serving Here Sign (without printerís marks)