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  • ServeNebraska Celebrates 25 Years of Service; 5 Years of Step Forward Awards

    This year marks multiple milestones for ServeNebraska. In 2019, we celebrate 25 years of AmeriCorps service to the nation and 25 years of ServeNebraska operating as Nebraska’s key service organization.

    In 1994, Gov. Ben Nelson signed Executive Order 94-5 prompting the creation of the Nebraska Volunteer Service Commission. Since that time, known by different names, ServeNebraska has worked non-stop to facilitate AmeriCorps programming in Nebraska, encouraging the growth of stronger communities, and recognizing the volunteers who make it all possible.

    With these celebrations on the way, ServeNebraska has some huge festivities planned. Notably, community members will be able to look back on our time as an organization through an interactive social media campaign set to debut in October. This time warp of photos and information will include the AmeriCorps Program Kick-Off, the moments that we feel have made our work special, and several interviews from key players in and around our organization.

    This massive informational campaign will all culminate in, what is perhaps, the most important thing we do at ServeNebraska: the 2019 Step Forward Awards.

    This year marks the 5th anniversary of the ceremony, and we couldn’t be more honored to have the opportunity to recognize some of Nebraska’s most influential and dedicated volunteers. Over the years, we have been able to award non-profit organizations, socially-responsible corporations, veterans who continue their service, AmeriCorps members, some outstanding seniors, and youth who never cease to absolutely blow us away.

    We want to make sure this year is lavish. More extravagant than ever before. So, we need your help. If you know someone in your community who has volunteered, who you feel is worthy of this recognition, then fire up the old CPU and submit a nomination form today.

    Recipients of Nebraska’s most prestigious volunteer service award are put forward by members of the community, judged by a diverse panel of community members, past recipients, and community leaders, and selected by the governor.

    The ceremony is held in October, but our nominations close August 30th. So, follow the link to our nominations page, fill out the form, and give some notoriety to that super-volunteer that you know.

    All inquiries can be directed to:

    Michael Wilson, Public Information Officer

    Phone: 402.471.6229