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AmeriCorps Funding

Apply for AmeriCorps Funding

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AmeriCorps Formula Grant

ServeNebraska receives formula funds from the federal AmeriCorps agency through population-based allocation as a pass-through entity.  Eligible organizations nonprofit organizations, local and state governments, institutions of higher education, and Indian tribes can apply to address unmet needs in their communities.   

AmeriCorps Competitive Grant

Competitive funds are awarded to ServeNebraska to support a select number of programs that have completed successfully at the state competition through ServeNebraska and national grant competition administered by the AmeriCorps agency.

AmeriCorps Planning Grant

AmeriCorps planning grants provide successful applicants with resources needed to develop program components and build operational capacity critical to managing an AmeriCorps grant.

AmeriCorps VISTA Grant

Helps in the fight against poverty by helping local organizations expand their capacity to make a change.

National Direct Consultation

AmeriCorps NCCC Project Proposal

AmeriCorps NCCC projects are short-term team-based full-time service projects. They typically last 6-8 weeks, require no recruitment, and address disasters, energy conservation, environmental stewardship, infrastructure improvement, and urban and rural development.