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Benefits of Serving in AmeriCorps

Signing up to serve in AmeriCorps provides educational and professional benefits in addition to the satisfaction of making a difference.

We want the decision to serve to be the easiest one you've ever made.



Living Stipend

Everyone should have the opportunity to serve, regardless of economic background. That's why AmeriCorps members earn a living stipend to support their living costs during their term of service. The stipend amount is dependent on service hours per term. Explore program options to learn more.



Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

As a reward for your service, you'll receive an education award of up to $7,395 upon completing your term. The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is prorated by hours served and can be used to pay tuition, pay qualified student loans, and for members 55 and up - gifted to a child or grandchild.


Schools of National Service

Schools of National Service are colleges and universities which offer added benefits to AmeriCorps alumni such as scholarship matches, waived application fees, and more. These institutions seek to support, encourage, and reward students who have demonstrated a commitment to community service. Check out the schools of National Service in Nebraska and nationwide!



In-State Tuition

In 2021, Nebraska became the very first state in the nation to grant in-state tuition to all AmeriCorps alumni, regardless of where they served. This law attracts civically-minded and service-oriented Americans to our state and gives them the opportunity to study in Nebraska and experience The Good Life for themselves.



State Income-Tax Exemption

ServeNebraska believes that AmeriCorps members deserve to be able to use their hard-earned education award to the fullest. That's why we supported the legislative initiative (FAQs) to make the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award state tax-exempt. The bill passed in 2020 and now we've joined the fight to make the award tax-exempt at the federal level too! Learn more about how you can support the initiative at the link below.


Medical Insurance & Childcare Benefit

All AmeriCorps members are provided the option of medical insurance for the duration of their term of service. Additionally, AmeriCorps provides support to parents who serve in accessing affordable childcare.

Non-Competitive Eligibility (VISTA only)