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Recognizing Increased Skills in Education AmeriCorps Program

The mission of the RISE AmeriCorps program is to reduce recidivism through improving school engagement for youth on probation throughout nine (9) of the Judicial Districts across Nebraska. Our AmeriCorps members, titled “RISE Program Specialists”, are responsible for organizing and facilitating a skill-based curriculum, focused on education. The educational skills include goal setting, motivation, organization, class participation, study skills, and test taking.

After successful completion of the skill-based curriculum, youth receive ongoing support from the RISE Program Specialist. As a result of completing the RISE Program, youth build skills, improve school attendance, decrease negative behaviors and are less likely to be involved in future delinquent activities.

RISE Program Specialists network with schools and the local community. They invite local speakers to their groups to discuss topics they are discussing in their workbook and/or post-high school opportunities. This includes military representatives, local college representatives, and information on trade schools. Finally, they collaborate with the Probation Officers regarding youth school performance, progress and group participation.

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