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Jamesena Moore, ServeNebraska Founding Commission Chair

Former First Lady, Sally Ganem and Jamesena Moore at the Step Forward Awards Luncheon in 2022

Jamesena Moore was the founding chair for the ServeNebraska Commission when it was created via executive order back in 1994. She continued to serve as the chair for four consecutive terms and remains a supporter of the organization and its mission. Service has always been her passion and she is proud to have been a part of establishing an organization which is a partial answer to addressing Nebraska’s most crucial needs.

When the Corporation for National and Community Service was enacted in 1993, each state began establishing their own commissions to increase volunteerism and facilitate AmeriCorps funding in their states. At the time, Jamie was employed at the United Way of the Midlands and looking back she told us, “It was a natural fit for me to be involved. I saw the commission as a vehicle to create more volunteer centers and increase volunteerism statewide.”

ServeNebraska grew quickly during its first years and Moore remembers how Nebraska was one of only eight states at the time to institute a Quarterly Volunteer Award presented by the Governor during his proclamation ceremonies. The award was sponsored by the Points of Light Foundation. Jamie was also instrumental in the creation of the Governor’s Conference for Volunteerism, the only statewide gathering of volunteers and volunteer managers, which could provide them with networking, education, and recognition.

“These milestones were important because they provided enhanced visibility for the commission and recognition of volunteerism statewide.  The Governor’s Volunteerism Award and Governor’s Conference not only provided increased visibility but were evidence of state support for a commission that was created by an executive order and had minimal financial state support.” Moore said.

In 2019, the ServeNebraska Commission created the Jamesena Moore “Making a Difference” Service Award in honor of Jamie’s ongoing support of the organization. The award is presented each year at the Step Forward Awards Luncheon.

In the next 30 years, Jamesena hopes to see the Commission established as a state agency with enough funding to effectively support volunteerism to address even more critical human challenges statewide. It is her belief that the Commission has the potential to make service a way of life for all Nebraskans.